Lyceum №179

Saint Petersburg,

Kalininsky district

Ushinsky st., 35, apart. 2

Phone: 8-812-417-50-88
 Social partnership:

  • North-Western state medical University named after I. I. Mechnikov
  • Moscow Institute of Radioengineering, electronics and automation (MIREA)
  • Physico-technical Institute. A. F. Ioffe RAS
  • International Academy of Sciences of ecology and safety of man and nature

The anthem of the lyceum  

Our vocation forever
To continue the work of Hippocrates,
And remember for years
We gave this oath.

Russia faithfully to serve,
After all, there is no profession more noble.
Without medicine we can’t live,
Especially today.

 To keep dignity
And live in the name of eternal truths.
Russia is calling You, sons,

Economists and lawyers.

And let times change,
Months pass and the years
And our goal is only one,
To serve the Fatherland and the people.

And it’s true:
«To love, to hope and to believe».
We continue to you are Holy,
Lyceum one hundred seventy-nine.

  • Associated school of UNESCO.
  • Collective member of the International Academy of ecology man and nature
  • An experimental Playground for the topic: «creating a flexible model of implementation of the FSES of General education».
  • Branch of the international hydrogen club MIREA.
    The winner of the priority national project «Education» in Saint-Petersburg in 2010 following the results of competition between educational institutions implementing innovative educational programs.
  • A member of the school League RUSNANO.

Working in international projects the UNESCO «Baltic Sea Project», «World Natural and cultural heritage», «Coast Watch»; «Hydrogen Education».

Traditionally teachers of the Lyceum are the winners and laureates of city and regional competitions of pedagogical achievements.

It takes part in UN international projects:  «Baltic Sea Project», «Worldwide natural and cultural heritage», «Coast Watch»; «Dispute»; Russian-British project «Education for sustainable development», «International Humanitarian Right», «Hydrogen General Education».

Traditionally, lyceum’s teachers are winners of city and district contests of pedagogical achievements.

In 1973, in the Kalininsky district of St. Petersburg was opened a school № 179.
In 1996, the school received the status of school-lyceum.
In 1999 – the status of the Lyceum.

In 2007, the status of the Resource center of the Kalininsky district of St. Petersburg «Education and health». From 1 September 2013 became a city experimental since on a theme: «creating a flexible model of implementation of the FSES of General education». Since 2016 year – urban experimental site

Since September 2008, there are a salt cave, small gym, machine BOS-breath, and from January 2010 — pool.

In the Lyceum there are 89 teachers.

In the Lyceum are 89 teachers.

the highest category – 43;

candidates of science – 2 persons.

The winners of the Priority national project «Education 12  teachers.

Awarded the badge «excellent worker of national education» — 7 teachers.

Honored teacher of the Russian Federation – 1 teacher.

Awarded the badge For «humanizing school of St. Petersburg» — 2 teachers.

Awarded a badge «Honorary worker of General education of the Russian Federation» — 7 teachers.

Awarded «Honorary diploma of the Ministry of education» — 5 teacher.

The Golden insignia «National treasure» — 2 person.
Insignia «Star of Prometheus» — 1 teacher.
Winners of city festival of ICT are 3 people.

Winner of all-Russian competition of pedagogical achievements in the nomination «Teacher of health» — 2 teachers.

Model of Lyceum

Elementary school grades 1-4

-Works programme «School – 2100».

-Additional education.

-English with 2 classes, rhythmics, sports sections, skilful hands, fine arts, journalism, chess, and choir.

Basic school 5-9 class:

-Adaptation module– grade 5.
-Pre module– 6-7 class.

Profile module 8-11 class:

-science (medical classes);


The first step to admission in the North-Western state medical University named I. I. Mechnikov by Students of medical classes from 8-11 study specialized subjects deeply (physics, chemistry, biology) and the block of medical subjects (anatomy, Latin language, etc.).

98% of graduates do medical classes in medical Universities.

Developed the system of clubs and projects.

The club of students of the Lyceum is 20 years.

Students in grades 8-11 are engaged in the research section of the club: aquatic toxicology, physiology, public hygiene, chemical analysis; microbiology.

The experimental students’ work presented at International, national, municipal contests and conferences.

Students of the Lyceum are:

— winners and prize-winners of Olympiads and competitions of different levels.

Awarded to:

The silver sign «National treasure» — 7.

Insignia «Youth. Science. Culture»- 2.

Star of academician D. S. Likhachev – 5.

The prize of the President of the Russian Federation D. A. Medvedev – 3.

(published more than 120 publications in Russian and foreign press)

The club’s «High technology and ecology»

A collaboration with the MIREA, Physical-technical Institute. A. F. Ioffe RAS allows the students of the Lyceum to study the problems associated with the use of economically dangerous fossil fuel and work on the creation of the «House of the XXI century», using the knowledge on hydrogen and other alternative energy, get acquainted with nanotechnology.

The project «Self-Help» stimulate, sanitary-hygienic education of schoolchildren, teachers, parents, the implementation of the activity approach for the preservation of health.

The project «Volunteers» contributes to the prevention of unhealthy lifestyles.

The project «anti-AIDS» prevents the spread of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis b and C.

Experience of the teaching staff

presented to: international, national, city, regional conferences and seminars;

in the domestic and foreign press.

Traditionally, the Lyceum teachers conduct seminars, conferences, open lessons and activities for teachers of educational institutions of the Kalinin and other areas of St. Petersburg, students of APPE. For 3 years the Lyceum was attended by about 1,000 teachers and 2,300 students.

 As a result such a great job litsey noted:

  • The letter of thanks of environmental Management and environmental protection.
    Diplomas and letters of thanks of the city House of youth creativity, Ecological and biological center «Krestovsky island» for active biological and ecological work.
  • Diplomas and letters of thanks of the Academy of postgraduate pedagogical education for environmental work.
  • The honorary diploma of the National Association of hydrogen energy.
  • The honorary diploma of the International Academy of ecology of human and nature.
  • Diploma International BIOS-Olympiad.
  • Of gratitude of the National system of development of scientific, creative and innovative activity of youth of Russia.
  • Gratitude of the founders and organizers of the all-Russia open competition of achievements of talented youth.
  • Gratitude for participating in an international projects Ecological culture «Peace and Harmony».